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What to consider when hiring a

bouncy castle in Newtownards,

Bangor or Belfast?

Hiring the right bouncy castle for your event can be a tricky decision. They are designed for different age groups and venue settings thus they come in all shapes and sizes. From giant blue dragons with slides that wrap around the outside, to  Lion Guard bounce houses. 

Regardless of the occasion, there are things you should consider when hiring a bouncy castle in Newtownards, Belfast or Bangor.

Do you have enough space for a bouncy castle?

Different types of bouncy castles require different space requirements e.g a bouncy castle with a slide will require a larger space. Before looking for bouncy castles, you will need to check the size your event venue has available for the bouncy house. Bounce A Roos includes their bouncy castle requirements on each product page but if you are unsure, you can contact them to double check.

Is your venue accessible?

Bounce a Roos needs to deliver your bouncy castle and inflate it at your venue. This means the bouncing space needs to be accessible. For example, is your garden accessible through a garden gate or side entrance? When choosing a venue make sure they have access for your bouncy castle before you book. 

If you are unsure, contact Bounce A Roos and describe your space. The team will let you know which bouncy castles will fit your venue and requirements.

Bouncy castle setup requirements

In order to book a bouncy castle in Newtownards, Bangor or Belfast, there are certain set up requirements you need to meet. 

Electricity: You need access to electricity in order to plug in the castle. A regular socket is all you need. Bounce A Roos will have the required adaptors. 

A flat surface: The bouncy castle needs to be set up on a roughly flat surface. It doesn’t need to be perfectly flat but a slope will not work. 

A clean area: The set up area for the bouncy castle needs to be clean and free from sharp objects like glass and large rocks.

Grass ( outdoor only) : For health and safety requirements, outdoor bouncy castles in Newtownards, Belfast and Bangor must be set up on grass. 

Emma McClenaghan

Emma McClenaghan

Emma McClenaghan, CMO of Genysys Engine, has dedicated her life to finding and developing new methods for business owners to grow online. She enjoys travelling, dancing and horticulture.

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